Avoidance Theory is: Bryan and Linda
We play: voices, guitars, keyboard,
samples, hand percussion, drums

Bryan started playing piano at the age of six. During college, he picked up the guitar and has been writing songs and doing home recording on his Tascam four-track ever since. In 2002, he started plugging the outputs of the four-track into a cheap soundcard and recording songs digitally with a low-budget multitracking program. He called this endeavor "production".

Linda has been singing as early as she can remember. At the age of three, she entertained friends and relatives by singing pop songs while using a Danish cookie tin as the stage and a round hair brush as the mic. She also took up piano at the age of six, but her primary instrument of choice would be her voice.

They met in Fall 1989, but didn't start making music together until nearly ten years later, when they fell in love and got married. It can be said that music was the one thing that brought them together.

Avoidance Theory's sound has been compared to: Grandaddy, Sparklehorse, Rilo Kiley, Joy Zipper, Low, The Cocteau Twins, Elliott Smith, The The, East River Pipe, Stereolab, Radiohead, Belle and Sebastian, Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500, Six Cents & Natalie ... among others.

The latest release is Calico Cliche which is being offered as a free download. The Shape of Trees CD is their full length album that was released in December 2004. Their first EP, Promise To The Refrigerator, was released in March of 2003. Albums are available for sale directly from Shmat Records. Avoidance Theory is looking forward to releasing more music in the near future.

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